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Samantha has been with Walk-Ur-Dog since 2013. She has her own 3 fur babies, Rocco, Riley and Reggie. Samantha is very energetic, and when she is not caring for your pups, she is teaching dancing at her school, Synergy Dance Studio in Wakefield. Chris and Nuna are two of her former clients who she helped with a wedding dance! Samantha mainly covers Melrose and Stoneham.


Kris has been with Walk-Ur-Dog since 2014. She owns her own farm....well, almost. She is the Mom of 2 dogs, 2 tortoises, 2 guinea pigs, a cat, a bunny, a gecko, and a hamster. Oh yea, and 3 human girls. With all of that responsibility, she is still devoted to caring for her Walk-Ur-Dog pups. Kris covers Medford and Malden.


Jessica has been with Walk-Ur-Dog since 2014. Jessica had so much fun with her Walk-Ur-Dog route, she soon after got her own puppy! He is a shihtzu that she named Jake. When she isn't caring for your pups or spoiling Jake, she is at her second job, a popular restaurant in Boston. Jessica's route consists of Somerville and Cambridge.


Anna has been with Walk-Ur-Dog since 2014. Originally from Pennsylvania, Anna attended Tufts and now lives in Medford. Anna is also an entrepeneur, and has her own Ice Cream Brand, The Tipping Cow. Anna does not have any pets right now, so she gets her daily fix with Walk-Ur-Dog's fur kids. Anna covers Medford and Somerville.


Marc has been with Walk-Ur-Dog since January 2015. Marc is a Mechanical Engineer, but joined Walk-Ur-Dog so he could live the dream. He loves spending the days outdoors, in the company of your dogs and his border collie Rollie. Marc's route covers Medford, Arlington, and Winchester.

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